Bariatric shower chair with adjustable seat height

​Shower chairs are useful pieces of furniture, meant to help people that have trouble standing up during long periods of time and bariatric shower chairs are of course used the same way, difference mainly being that they're adapted for people struggling with obesity. As such, a bariatric shower chair can withstand much larger weights than a normal shower chair might and generally have larger seats to make sure that it's comfortable for the obese person in question to sit on it.

Some, like the ones from the company TR Equipment, allow you to use the shower chair over a toilet with the possibility of adjusting height and they give the patient the option to recline and get into a more comfortable position. It's a stabile design that's easy to clean with various equipment that makes moving the patient more easy and smooth for the nurses and caretakers. This of course means less stress and the risk of injuries declines as well.

For safety and comfort

Naturally the bariatric shower chair is designed for both safety and comfort, some even having safety belts as well as foot-, leg-, head- and armrests to help make showering more comfortable for the patient in question to both standing and sitting showering.

Some are also battery powered and can be controlled through a hand control with the chair itself possessing. The large batteries in with castors with a locking mechanism for easier movements. Some are made to be strong and durable too, to last a long time without breaking down but that depends on the manufacturer and what you buy of course. ​​​​​